NANA Pacific

Telecom Services

NANA Pacific, LLC provides service in all areas of voice and data cabling including engineering, design, installation and certification. We also provide comprehensive service and maintenance of voice and data networks.

NANA Pacific works with a diverse spectrum of physical media.

  • Coax cabling, of any type or size–with connectivity amplifiers, modulators, taps, splitters, terminators, attenuators, adjusting, and testing.
  • Category 3 or 6 station cabling to support telephones, paging, faxes, modems, etc.
  • Installation of a variety of wireless networks in addition to security solutions, Wi-Fi, and VoIP.
  • Fiber optic cabling for building backbone.

NANA Pacific has extensive Wireless experience.

  • Complete site audits including compounds and shelters.
  • Small cell and Pico cell design and installation.
  • Distributed Antenna system design and installation.
  • Antenna mast mount repositioning and repairs.
  • Coaxial cable sweep and PIM testing.
  • Tower component decommissioning.
  • Backhaul Antenna Microwave installation and Alignment

NANA Pacific has performed work in the commercial and enterprise facilities.

  • Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU’s) – Apartment Buildings
  • Multiple Tenant Units (MTU’s) – Office Buildings
  • Multiple Hospitality Units (MHU’s) – Hotels
  • Single Family Units (SFU’s)

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