NANA Pacific

Innovative Technology Solutions

NANA Pacific focuses on identifying and integrating innovative technology solutions that maximize situational awareness for our customers. We integrate advanced technologies to deliver decision-quality data. Maximum situational awareness results in better decision making and ultimately reduced costs of operations. We optimize decision making by bringing unique expertise across all needed steps in the decision making process:

  • Capture – seemingly everything is a sensor now and everything creates information that must be ingested and collected in order to allow effective decision making
  • Collecting, Archiving, and Securing – finding that particular piece of data needed to make the important decisions starts with this step in the decisionable information process
  • Accessing and Analytics – providing secure “reach in” capabilities that allows for nimble access to the data allows for timely access and relevant trending/analytics
  • Applying – creating and delivering decisionable data solutions allows the operators to maximally leverage the data in the enterprise and thus optimize cost of operations while maximizing benefit to customers

We provide strategy, design and implementation services, with expertise in data, cloud and communications systems.  We work with the very best data collection platform companies and mission managers to effectively collect and deliver the specific data needed to optimize decision making.  We have “big data” expertise that has been honed on this nation’s most sensitive environments to assess, address, and optimize data environments for customers.  Finally, we create mission relevant analytics and modeling that provides the input feeds for the decision making views that companies need.