NANA Pacific

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

At NANA Pacific, we take responsibility for the safety and security of our employees, and embrace practices that protect people and the environment, wherever we are. We are committed to continual improvement, pollution prevention, openness and transparency of our HSE policy and processes, and active engagement with our stakeholders.

Our dedication to HSE excellence is anchored in our core values:

  • Honesty and integrity govern our activities
  • Commitments made will be fulfilled
  • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect

Consistent with these values, we commit to:

  • Empower employees and those we work with to immediately stop unsafe acts and operations, within a framework built on respect, trust, and cooperation;
  • Communicate HSE awareness and performance through hands-on leadership and behavior;
  • Comply with laws and regulations applicable to our operations, and to other requirements to which our company subscribes;
  • Employ documented processes and procedures, and good judgment guided by this policy, to ensure delivery of high quality, safe, and protective operations; and
  • Demonstrate HSE excellence when we plan and manage projects, conduct business, and communicate with customers, partners and suppliers.

This HSE policy establishes and communicates our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, and the responsibility of all employees to operate in a safe manner as a condition of employment. Our goal is to have every employee going home safe everyday – with zero accidents and zero injuries.