NANA Pacific

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does NANA Pacific offer?

NANA Pacific, an Alaska Native-owned firm, offers a wide array of services aimed at helping oil and gas, telecommunications, utility organizations and others innovate, optimize their performance and overcome operational and financial challenges. We are expert problem solvers that integrate the latest technologies with existing systems so clients can achieve their desired outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner. We specialize in:

  • Human capital solutions. We help organizations get the right people with the right skills focused on the right initiatives. We work with clients to attract, acquire, develop and retain top-notch employees. We help companies align their talent strategy and business strategy to create a competitive advantage.
  • Innovative technology solutions. We identify and integrate innovative technology solutions to help clients improve efficiencies as well as solve business-driven technology and information security challenges. We provide strategy, design and implementation services, with expertise in data, cloud and communications systems.
  • Telecommunications projects and services. We provide service in all areas of voice and data cabling including engineering, design, installation and certification. We also provide comprehensive service and maintenance of voice and data networks.
  • Local indigenous and diversity business engagement. We bridge the trust gap and provide additional capacity where needed for local indigenous and minority owned businesses. We help big companies meet their diversity goals and help smaller companies deliver against expanded contractual commitments.

2. What makes the company unique?

Since our founding in 2001, we have demonstrated our expertise, breadth and depth to deliver on projects large and small. We have the capacity and scalability to take on $100 million-plus contracts with operations across the U.S. and abroad. Here are a few other reasons why some of the world’s leading organizations entrust NANA Pacific to solve their most complex business challenges:

  • Proven track record. Led by our strong management team and talented employees, we have proven our ability to bring high value to clients. Our work has ranged from developing digital asset management strategies and providing hundreds of workers for pipeline construction to managing the installation, configuration, maintenance and upgrades of an 1,800-mile submarine fiber optic cable system.
  • Backed by a $1.4 billion global company. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of NANA Development Corporation (NDC), which is part of NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA), an Alaska Native corporation established in 1972. With 50 subsidiaries and 15,000 employees, NDC serves customers on four continents and in all 50 states. NANA Pacific has access to all of NANA’s capabilities and resources.
  • Certified as a minority business enterprise. Our certification is from the National Minority Supplier Development Council and its affiliates as well as the California Public Utilities Commission’s Supplier Clearinghouse. As an Alaska Native-owned firm that meets the requirements of 43 U.S.C. §1626(e)(2), federal prime contractors may count subcontracts to NANA Pacific towards the satisfaction of the prime contractor’s goal for subcontracting with small business and small disadvantaged concerns. Doing business with us supports corporate supplier diversity goals.
  • Native American community support. Our parent company represents the interests of more than 13,500 Iñupiat shareholders who are descended from families living in Northwestern Alaska. By partnering with us, clients are helping to create training and educational opportunities for NANA shareholders and preserving an important indigenous culture.
  • Values rooted in 10,000 years of history. Everything we do is guided by the values of the Iñupiats, who inhabited northwest Alaska for more than 10,000 years: honesty and integrity govern our activities, commitments made will be fulfilled and everyone will be treated with dignity and respect.

3. How has NANA Pacific’s work benefited its clients?

Whether we’re helping clients align their talent with their business strategies or employing the latest tools and analytics to enhance situational awareness for improved decision making, our work has produced meaningful results. We have collaborated with telecommunications, resources and utility clients to develop timely and cost-effective solutions to their most pressing operational and business challenges.

4. What is NANA Pacific’s approach to working with clients?

Our goal is to form a partnership and work seamlessly with clients. We join hand-in-hand with them to review their needs and create and implement strategies that offer practical solutions and sustainable results. We know every organization is unique, so we take a personal, holistic approach and focus on the big picture to create customized solutions. This allows clients to make smart decisions that lead to transformative change, improved efficiencies and optimal performance.

5. How does NANA Pacific view supplier diversity?

We are proud of our Alaska Native-owned status and have had doors opened as a result, but as any certified business knows, it’s just one tool in our arsenal. We still need to be competitive, demonstrate our capacity to do the work, perform exceptionally well and deliver stellar results. Like our clients, we are committed to supplier diversity and understand the positive impact it has on diverse firms and the overall community. We mentor other minority-owned firms, buy goods and services from them and help these businesses grow alongside us. We also see our role as:

  • Bridging the trust gap and adding capacity to other indigenous and minority firms
  • Supporting large companies to help meet their supplier diversity goals
  • Helping smaller companies deliver against expanded contractual commitments